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High Strangeness Returns to MAGFest!

It was one year ago since we first showed High Strangeness to the public at MAGFest 11. Since then we’ve been working super hard on the game and have received a lot of great feedback and support. We’re finishing up the game for a release this year and High Strangeness will be published by Midnight City for PC, Current, and Next Gen consoles.

Stop by and see us at MAGFest 12, we are at the Cheap Dinosaurs table in the chiptune area showing the latest build!

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High Strangeness has been Greenlit on Steam! Thank you everyone for the votes and support! 


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We’re excited to be working with Midnight City to bring High Strangeness to multiple platforms! Check out the launch trailer that shows the awesome titles in their lineup.

I will be showing High Strangeness at the Boston FIG next Saturday the 14th. Stop by for free hugs!

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Destructoid does a rapid fire interview with Ben on the PAX East show floor. Save the world with CATS!

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Our “12 bit” action adventure game High Strangeness is now up for voting on Steam Greenlight. Vote yes here if you want to see it on Steam!

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Here’s a full play through of the High Strangeness demo we presented at MAGFest 11. High Strangeness is a story driven 12 bit action / adventure game inspired by Super Nintendo and Nintendo classics. Towards the beginning of the demo, the player is shown a brief exposition of the story’s overall plot, leading into a short combat sequence. As the battle ends, the protagonist, Boyd, is thrown into a strange new world where the player must rely on learned techniques to solve simple puzzles.

It should be said that this is only a demo, and should be considered a snippet of things to come. High Strangeness is planned to be 3 to 4 hours in length when complete, with expanded combat mechanics and more elaborate puzzles to solve.

High Strangeness is due in 2013 for PC with other platforms pending.

For more information, follow our blog at or

We’re also on Twitter: @BarnyardIntel or @crystallabs

Sam Bennett - Cut Scene Illustration
Steve Jenkins - Pixel Art, Production, Direction
Ben Shostak - Development and Direction
Rich Vreeland - Music

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I will be showing High Strangeness at the MAGFest 11 Indie Game Showcase Jan 3-6. Stop by to check out the game and pick up some free goodies! 

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PetiePal That Guy From Jersey: Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Review


Petie’s LTE Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Review

Been using my Note 2 since launch day, 11/29. Here are my thoughts!

Build Quality:

This is probably one of the most solidly built phones I’ve used to date. It’s very light, and while it does has a plasticky kinda build to it, it’s SOLID. I…

Everything you wanted to know about the Galaxy Note 2… but will it blend?

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Sixpoint Brewery

Bengali Tiger

This IPA takes a very subtle approach with its hops, nothing really jumps out. I found the individual hop flavors lost to the bitterness. This would be a good choice for folks who are scared away from IPAs by the strong hop profiles.


I think all the big hops were hiding in here. The aroma has a great fruit note to it. The taste brings out a lot of hop flavors, with some solid pine. This one is very drinkable - you’d gulp it down quick if it weren’t for the 9.1% ABV stamped on the can.

Sweet Action

The name is conveyed in the aroma, you get a whiff of sweetness when you pour this beer. The taste is light and creamy but kind of plain.